The Blocking Solution - The premium surface blocker for challenging immunoassays

The Blocking Solution is an innovative surface blocker based on casein. It is well-known that casein solutions show good blocking characteristics. The Blocking Solution significantly outperforms other casein solutions. Highly purified casein is used for production. It is chemically modified by a proprietary production process and at the end it is cleaved in fragments of many different molecular sizes. Advanced process control with accurate monitoring enables this complex product with perfect batch-to-batch reproducibility. Thus The Blocking Solution is used not only for bioanalytics in pre-clinical and clinical studies but also for production of immunodiagnostics.

Decrease of the coefficient of variation

How to choose the appropriate blocker

Why do I have to block?

Free surfaces have to be blocked in immunoassays. This is true for many methods such as ELISA, protein arrays, immuno-PCR, Western blotting or immunohistochemistry. The surfaces of ELISA plates or Western blotting membranes are optimized for efficient attachment of proteins and antibodies. This enables optimal assays with a high density of capture antibodies or capture molecules on the surfaces....more information

Which one is the perfect blocker?

There is no perfect blocker which is well suited to every assay. A blocker has to match the respective assay and has to be selected individually for any new assay. Due to optimized plates and western blotting membranes for protein or peptide binding, protein-based blockers are more effective than other blocking solutions....more information

Are there any blockers which I shouldn’t use?

We don't recommend using blockers which can strongly differ in their composition from lot-to-lot or which can be contaminated. With such blockers you can observe changing results or different background depending on the batch. Use of such blockers is not suitable for regulated areas like GLP labs or in the production of human diagnostics kits. In these areas a changing purity is not allowed and would implicate an extensive validation for every batch....more information

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The Blocking Solution


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